The Ocean Conference Newsletter March

In the Ocean Conference Newsletter March you can read about the outcome from the Preparatory Meeting held in February in NY.

The themes for the seven Partnership Dialogues, that will take place during the entire Conference week, are  finalized. Each partnership will be co-chaired by a developing and a developed State. Member States and all other stakeholders will also be able to submit their input on the seven Partnership Dialogue concept papers and recommendations for panelists and moderators to the Conference Secretariat (DESA) during March.

The following seven themes have been established:

1. Addressing marine pollution.
2. Managing, protecting, conserving and restoring marine and coastal ecosystems.
3. Minimizing and addressing ocean acidification.
4. Making fisheries sustainable.
5. Increasing economic bene ts to SIDS and LDCs and providing access for small-scale artisanal fishers to marine resources and markets.
6. Increasing scientific knowledge and developing research capacity and transfer of marine technology.
7. Enhancing the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources by implementing international law as reflected in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Read more in the Newsletter March from the Ocean Conference >>

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