International Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism 2017

Save the date: 13-16 June, 2017

CMT2017The International Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism (CMT) is widely considered the world’s foremost congress related to tourism and recreation in coastal and marine environments and is attended by academics, students and practitioners from around the world. The congresses offer opportunities for the presentation and publication of refereed and working papers, as well as posters. A strong feature of the congresses is the supportive and collegial atmosphere where students are particularly encouraged to engage and contribute to the field.

The Congress was founded by Dr. Jan Auyong, Oregon State University and Sea Grant Oregon, USA and Professor Marc L. Miller, School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington, USA and first held in 1990 in Hawai’i.  The Congress has become a great success.  In June 2017 the congress will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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