International Conference: Shipping and the Environment – From Regional to Global Perspectives

On the 24-25 October 2017 in Gothenburg the International conference takes place on scientific findings on impacts of shipping on environment and their application in policy, marine spatial planning and the maritime transport sector. The conference is jointly organised by the Bonus project SHEBA and by the International Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS).

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Given its importance for the transport of goods on a global scale, there is a growing interest on the sustainability of the shipping industry. It has long been recognised that shipping is a very carbon-efficient transport medium, BUT there is an increasing focus on its broader environmental consequences. The Bonus SHEBA project addresses a wide range of environmental impacts of shipping in the Baltic Sea including air pollution, marine pollution, underwater noise and climate change as well as the socio-economic consequences of these impacts. SOLAS is an international project contributing to Future Earth with the mission statement ”linking ocean-atmosphere interactions with climate and people”. In conjunction with SHEBA’s final meeting and the SOLAS workshop on Ship Plumes the projects jointly organize a conference and invite the scientific community and stakeholders of the maritime sector to two days of presentations of the latest scientific findings, discussions and poster presentations on the topics.

Topics addressed

  • Impacts of shipping on air pollution and climate change including impacts on human health and land ecosystems
  • Impacts of shipping on marine pollution and marine ecosystems
  •  Impact of shipping on noise pollution – underwater noise and its impacts on marine biota, above-water noise and its impacts on human well-being
  •  Environment and society – socio-economic valuation of the impacts of shipping, impacts of shipping on ecosystem services, shipping and marine spatial planning

Who should attend

  • Scientific community; researchers and students from atmospheric, marine and climate research, environmental economics, political and social science
  • Environmental and transport agencies
  • Environmental managers from governmental, regional and local organisations
  • Maritime transport sector

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Organising committee
Jana Moldanova (IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Bonus SHEBA)
David Turner (University of Gothenburg, SOLAS)
Tom Bell (Plymouth Marine Laboratory, SOLAS)
Lena Granhag (Chalmers University of Technology, Bonus SHEBA)
Ingrid Mawdsley (IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Bonus SHEBA)
Markus Quante (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal Research, Bonus SHEBA) Anna Rutgersson (Uppsala University, SOLAS)

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